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Social Media Toolkit

Helping Parents Talk to Children About Internet Safety: A Child Abuse Prevention Social Media Toolkit from the National Children’s Advocacy Center
Many parents tell us they are confused about how to talk to their children about online safety. They are often overwhelmed by the new apps and games available to children. Share these social media posts to help educate parents in your community.


Research shows that 80% of Americans believe social media is effective in raising public awareness about social issues including child abuse. At least half of the adult population in the United States uses social media. When you post child abuse prevention messages on your organization’s social media pages, you help get this important information to the adults who need it. When many organizations in Alabama share the same child abuse prevention messages, our message is stronger.  Together, we can harness the power of social media to help make Alabama a safer place for our children. This Child Abuse Prevention Social Media Toolkit was developed by the National Children’s Advocacy Center thanks to the generous support of the Alabama Department of Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention. Questions about this toolkit?  Contact Pam Clasgens

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How to Use the Social Media Toolkit:

This toolkit contains eight social media posts to share on your organization’s social media pages. Included is an image and text for each post.    

  1. Click on this link to open the Toolkit  

  2. Copy and paste the post text into your social media page post. You can add your agency contact information or other important details.

  3. Download image to your computer and upload to your social media post.

  4. Share all eight posts on your social media page using the schedule that works best for your agency, e.g., one post per day, or two posts per week.      

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