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CPC First Friday Forums

Everyone interested in working together for the benefit of children is welcome at the CPC's First Friday forums.  Each meeting occurs on the First Friday of the month from 8:30 a.m. - 10 am. via Zoom format. Topics and presentations feature current issues effecting children and families in our community.

Email: for information about the next First Friday program as well as to be added to the email distribution list for First Friday announcements.


Meetings are always open to the public.

First Friday Forum Archives

Topic:  Current Trends in Vaping & Drug Use  (Agent Mike Reese, ABC)

November 3, 2023                                     


Meeting Recording                                                              

Topic:  Love Like Lexi Project   (Andrea Mills) This event was not recorded.


October 4, 2023                  About Love Like Lexi Project video       


 School Brochure LLL      Profile of Love Like Lexi Project     Love Like Lexi Logic Model    SEL Competencies

Topic:  CPC Community Partner Spotlights: Community Care Development Network; Alethia House; Gateway; & JBS Mobile Crisis Response Team  

September 1, 2023                                      JBS Mobile Crisis Response Team PPT


Meeting Recording                           CCDN PowerPoint                                Alethia House PPT        

Topic:  State of the Child in Jefferson County - Needs Assessment Survey Rollout  (Shelly Mize)   

August 4, 2023                                      Longitudinal State & County Data

Meeting Recording              PowerPoint Presentation        Survey Results        Open Ended Survey Results

Topic:  Unconscious Bias  (Gregory Townsend)   

May 5, 2023

Meeting Recording              PowerPoint Presentatio

Topic:  Children's Hospital CHIPS center (Child Abuse & Neglect Awareness Month)  (Jo Davis)   


IMPORTANT NOTE: The reference in the recording to  "It only takes 8 minutes for a child/youth to form a bond with a stranger" - is based on research for online only.  As Jo mentioned in the presentation, in person child sexual abuse or exploitation is perpetrated by a family member or someone the child knows and trusts. 

April 14, 2023

Meeting Recording              PowerPoint Presentation            CDC Fact Sheet

Topic:  Jefferson County Family Resource Center   (Carrie Buntain)     

March 3, 2023

Meeting Recording              JCFRC Programs

Topic:  Responding to Community Needs - The Transformation of Titusville Library  (Reba Williams)       

February 3, 2023

Meeting Recording          PowerPoint Presentation    

Topic:  Digital Safety (Alicia Roper & Barbara Fowler)
January 13, 2023

Meeting Recording          PowerPoint Presentation    CTF Digital Safety Initiative    Digital Safety Video

Topic:  Survey Results: The State Of the Child in Jefferson County
November 4, 2022

Meeting Recording          PowerPoint Presentation    

Topic:  De-escalation Strategies   (Mary McKenzie)
October 7, 2022

Meeting Recording          PowerPoint Presentation    Snickers Commercial    Dr. Siegel's video clip

Topic:  Suicide Prevention  (Meesha Emmett)
September 2, 2022

Meeting Recording          AFSP School Program Flyer       AFSP Talk Saves Lives

Topic:  Tips for Having Healthy "Difficult Conversations"
August 5, 2022

Meeting Recording  (When playing the video, you may have to start it from the beginning.)

Topic:  Youth & Adolescent Mental Health
May 6, 2022

Meeting Recording

Topic:  Supporting Children & Caregivers Impacted by Trauma
April 8, 2022

Meeting Recording

Topic:  Cultural Humility
March 4, 2022

Meeting Recording

Topic:  COVID Update
February 4, 2022

Meeting Recording

Topic:  Self Care in Helping Professions During Stressful/Traumatic Times
December 3, 2021

Meeting Recording

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