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Child Trafficking Solutions Project Coalition (CTSP)

Help Us Fight Child Trafficking
in Your Community!

The Child Trafficking Solutions Project (STSP) is a state-wide coalition comprised of human trafficking organizations, local, state and federal law enforcement, government agencies, NGO's, child protective services and survivor care providers.  

CTSP works to rescue and restore child victims of sex trafficking through development of uniform response protocols, training, and strategic partnerships with law enforcement, first-responders, healthcare providers, juvenile justice, child-welfare agencies, and schools, while mobilizing communities to prevent abuse, raise awareness and increase safety.

Customized comprehensive training is offered for audiences of law enforcement, first responders, medical personnel, educators, child-serving professionals, parents and students to prevent, recognize and respond to child trafficking.  

Our Trafficking Training is offered at no-charge for all law enforcement.  

CTSP Focus Areas

  • Comprehensive Training (CE credentialed) and Training Resources customized for Law Enforcement, Child Welfare, Social Services, Health/Mental Health, Educators, Hospitality, Parents/Students, Community-At-Large

  • Establishment of Uniform Response Protocols and MOA across disciplines including law enforcement, child protective services, juvenile justice, health care, CAC re: recognizing and responding to human and child trafficking

  • CSEC Victim Response, Safety, Support, Survivor Care Services to include evidence-based assessment tools, safe and stable housing, trauma-informed mental health services, medical, education, navigation of justice system, and care coordination

  • Strengthen public policy, regulations and legislation to improve prevention, prosecution, and victim-centered services for CSEC survivors and at-risk children/youth

  • Community awareness and prevention

  • Mobilizing municipalities to become Trafficking Free Zones to include training, ordinances, awareness campaign


It only costs $5 to offer trafficking training course to one patrol officer - less than a foot-long sub!   You can make a difference with just $5! 


Please contact us to request training, information, materials, and/or how to become involved: