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Children's Book Vending Machine at
Family Court

The Children's Book Vending Machine was unveiled at Family Court during a Ribbon Cutting Celebration on May 23, 2023.

This is such a big project that it wouldn't be possible without community support! Key partners in this work are: Judge Hunt-Hilliard championed this exciting opportunity. Jefferson County (District 2) Commissioner Sheila Tyson pledged the funding for this machine and has pledged support for a second machine!  Alabama Public Television (APT) donated 6.5 months of books for the machine. UAB School of Education helped with reading resources for caregivers and helping us curate appropriate children's books for the machine.  Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank donated several cases of picture books!


In an effort to support students reading on grade level by third grade, we are targeting younger children (toddler to third grade) with this vending machine. Tokens are free to our little friends who come to family court. Children can select one free book of their choice each time they visit, which they get to keep.

How Can YOU Help?

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We anticipate needing a minimum of $45,000 annually to keep the vending machine at Jefferson County Family Court stocked. Because this is such an expensive project, we are accepting donations for the purchase of books (donation button at the top of the page OR check out our AMAZON Children's Book Wish List). We are also busy writing grants and want to partner with organizations to host book drives or be a sponsor. 

Please contact for questions or more information.


The Why

A couple of years ago, Governor Ivey tasked all county CPC's in the state of Alabama with the Campaign for Grade Level Reading. The Children's Policy Cooperative of Jefferson County has several initiatives for addressing and supporting Grade Level Reading.  The most recent reading initiative is the Children's Book Vending Machine project at Jefferson County Family Court. 


How Does It Work?

When children visit Family Court, their caretaker can ask for a FREE token for each child. The target audience is toddler to third grade in order to promote early literacy. Once the child receives the token, he/she can select a book of choice from the machine. Children can select one free book of their choice each time they visit, which they get to keep.

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